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I am writing to demand that serious action be taken to stifle the incredible amount of corruption and BIG MONEY in our legislature! This state is a shameful example of “representative” government as only big money and favors gets anything done. CLOSE THE LLC LOOPHOLES THAT ALLOW FAVORITISM AMONG CONTRCTORS AND COMPANIES DOING BUSINESS IN THIS STATE! TIME FOR TERM LIMITS ON LEGISLATORS! I would also like you to look into the massive pools of “hidden” money that are being used by the Legislature to fund pet projects ensuring re-election. TERM LIMITS would also help! These “pools” include (but are not limited to) The State Lottery which has never been used for education as is always claimed! The tolls from the State Thruway which were to have been phased out in the 1960’s but were found to be a source of mad money without being noticed! Also the “fee” that was originally charged on land line phone to “buy 911 equipment” that has not only been continued LONG after the equipment was paid for but your legislature then voted to continue it and expand it to cell phones! I hope this state has finally gotten tired of the antics of our legislature and drastic measures are called for! The new “catch phrase” – “you can’t legislate morality” is obvious since the legislature and Republicans in general have shown themselves to be the most amoral of all!

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